Pericles John Lantz
Founder & Chairman
ALVA Pictures
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Born and raised in New York City, Pericles grew up with cultural and social awareness. His mother, an English teacher, infused his early life with story telling and museum visits. His father, a physician educated in Basel, Switzerland, inspired an early love of science.

While Pericles pursued his career in science, he also trained with the Shakespeare company to improve his speaking voice, and took acting classes at NYU. A published author, he enjoys delving into the places where art and science intersect – and has a particular passion for the complexities of neuroplasticity (the changing brain).

”If people are to grow and evolve they must be stimulated in many different ways, with many new experiences.“ He realized the importance of film when illness struck his father and cinema became the means by which he could help him travel and gain new experiences.

He made a decision to form ALVA Pictures when he visited Thomas A. Edison’s museum and saw a deity in the library that glorified the vinyl record. He knew immediately that because media has changed so much, story telling has as well. ALVA Pictures was formed with the mission of telling basic, primal, stories that pertain to the human condition.


Corey J. Morgan
Chief Sound Engineer
ALVA Pictures
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Corey J. Morgan Chief Sound Engineer At seven years old, Corey Morgan’s interest in audio engineering began at The Beach Boys concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl, where his family’s seats were behind the house engineer’s mixing console – which looked to Corey like the controls of a space ship. He ended up paying more attention to the engineer mixing the band than to The Beach Boys actual performance. Right then and there, his interest in his future career was sparked.

A natural musician, Corey started playing drums in the fifth grade, took private lessons, and then taught himself guitar. By senior year in high school he was writing the curriculum for the school’s guitar classes. While in a garage band, Corey cut a six song EP album, and that’s how he got his first look at Pro Tools. In college, he taught himself piano and started taking classes in the recording arts. His professor was Grammy nominated audio engineer and world renowned composer, George Stone. After finishing Stone’s courses, he recommended that Corey continue his education at Expression College For Digital Media.

Corey took the advice and graduated in 2005, landing at Media City Sound. He worked there until 2009, and in that time, worked his way up to Lead Sound Designer and Head of the Foley Department. Ever since, Corey’s been busy with independent work for several production companies and directors – working on everything from prime time television shows, reality series and cartoons, as well as feature length films.

Corey was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2008 for his work on TV documentary, Life After People. He frequently lectures on audio mixing for George Stone, is the Chief Sound Engineer at ALVA Pictures, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Ryan W. Anderson
Chief Project Manager
ALVA Pictures

Ryan W. Anderson Chief Project Manager Ryan comes to ALVA Pictures with a diverse and wonderfully checkered career. Born in rural Northern California, he started to tinker with cars in high school and began working in car restoration and custom fabrication. However, building cars wasn’t enough, so he became a race car driver for BMW. After going around the lap a few times too many Ryan became interested in Internet technology; still new at that time and worked in both network security and engineering.

After several backpacking trips to Europe, he decided to move to Germany in 2002, where he lived for five years. There, he pioneered the European version of the video rental box.

He returned home to build eco-friendly, green homes and started an organic restaurant in Tahoe. Recently, he rebuilt several homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

He enjoys the creativity of film, while excelling at the need to effectively manage all the moving parts, people, and intricacies that go into developing them.


Edward Harris
Director, Documentaries
ALVA Pictures
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Edward Harris, Director, Documentaries In W. African culture, a "griot" is a storyteller, historian, and poet. The griot is respected as a repository of oral tradition, and is also often seen as something of a societal leader due to his traditional position as an adviser to royal personages. So it follows that when you have visited a Haitian orphanage after the most devastating earthquake in history ... when you have met with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders to discuss their ongoing conflicts... when you have performed African dances for audiences in Hong Kong... your eyes become lenses for telling a story of the world. You are a contemporary griot. Filmmaker Edward J. Harris, II, whose work as a videographer has taken him from the Middle East to the war-torn regions of Sudan, fashions himself a "documentary griot", sharing stories of joy, grief, sorrow and triumph through film and video to audiences around the globe.

Harris has produced several documentaries, several in conjunction with Alva Pictures.


Shai Baitel
Director, Musicals and Theater
ALVA Pictures

Shai Baitel, Director, Musicals and Theater With extensive experience in business, international organizations, and philanthropy, Shai Baitel is Vice President of Mana Contemporary. He served at the United Nations and at the Israeli Ministry of Justice’s Department of International Agreements and International Litigation in legal positions. With an LL.M. in International Law, he is an expert in Middle Eastern politics and international affairs. A columnist for the Huffington Post, his articles have appeared in Forbes, Forbes (Israel), The Daily News (NY), Jerusalem Post, and Haaretz.

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