Alva Pictures

A full-service production company in Los Angeles and New York City, ALVA Pictures was formed to share human experiences. Throughout time, people have gathered together over fires or at ceremonies to tell their stories.

But in our world, we’ve lost that tradition. We’re more connected than ever, but ironically more apart and alone. Our interactions with more people are less meaningful, prosaic, and ponderous. If culture is the transmission of human knowledge from generation to generation, it’s our job to question whether we’re transmitting in ways that enable new growth and inspiration.

At ALVA, we believe that the cinematic experience has taken over the role of our story tellers. It’s through cinema that we attain our vicarious experiences and hopefully learn from the plight or success of others.

ALVA Pictures is really an homage to Thomas Alva Edison – who, through invention, changed our world and initiated the experience of media as we know it. We’re passionate about bringing that heritage to life… to get back to raw, gripping stories that will mold and impact others on a personal level.

A good idea is never lost

— Thomas A. Edison

Post Production Audio and Video Production NY, LA

Services include all facets of post production audio and video production, from Foley, Dialog / Voiceover Editing and Audio Restoration to Sound FX Design, Music Editing, the Mix and more. Contact us to learn more or submit registered materials for your upcoming project.

Project Portfolio

The Lessons of Hayti

The Lessons of Hayti

A historic documentary about Black Self-Empowerment in America and the compromise of Integration Black History Month 2014…
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Universal Babe

Universal Babe

Award-winning filmmakers, Byron Hunter and Edward Harris II uncover never-before-heard stories about Babe Ruth in this groundbreaking work…
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life after people

Life After People

From the ruins of ancient civilizations to present day cities devastated by natural disasters, history gives us clues to these questions and many more in the…
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patton 360

Patton 360

Just mention the name Patton, and you’ll conjure up images of George C. Scott’s portrayal of the charismatic and controversial WWII general. The battles fought and…
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the haunting hour dont think about it

The Haunting: Don’t Think About It

Horror is sound. If you’ve ever watched a horror film without any sound, you’ll quickly realize how integral sound is to creating the suspense and terror that makes…
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deadliest warrior

Deadliest Warrior

The producers of this show requested hyper-real sounds for each weapon in an effort to dramaticize the damage the weapon would do. Ancient warriors from different cultures…
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idiot box

Idiot Box

David Armstrong’s post-divorce satire fuses video and animation in a hurly-burly world where three friends go on raucous adventures.
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locomotives modern marvels

Modern Marvels - Locomotives

Locomotives have powered the expansion of many countries beginning in the 19th Century. Electric, Diesel, Steam all have their own unique characteristics and…
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